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Healthy women create healthy communities

March 8, 2017

In honor of International Women’s Day, we invite you on a journey to West Africa to meet community health workers who are passionate about women’s health. Particularly in developing countries, empowering women has proven to benefit the entire community. Healthy women not only contribute to the local economy, but they create more stable families by reinforcing good health care for themselves and each family member.

Jhpiego, an established leader in implementing programs to improve women’s health, trains frontline workers in countries fighting diseases like malaria, which is 100 percent preventable but still remains a serious public health issue. Founded in 1974 and supported by ExxonMobil, the organization has never veered from its mission to answer the question: How can we make lifesaving services available to people who need them all over the world?

Below are several stories of on-the-ground Jhpiego-supported health care workers in Chad and Cameroon and members of the community they’ve reached: Sarah Mamadjibeye, Marie Noelle Ngombok, Bruno Ndoum and Celestine Rimhigudé. Each set of four images illustrates how the efforts to address the health needs of women can make a difference in communities at large.

Above header image: Community health worker Nurse Gueririm with patients in Chad

All images credit: Karen Kasmauski/Jhpiego

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