The same is true in industry, where advances in how data are collected and analyzed continue to transform manufacturing, allowing for new ways of producing the goods used by consumers.

This “big data” transformation is also improving the energy and chemical products that sustain daily life around the world. ExxonMobil is rolling out an industry-leading project that will enable it to collect all operating data from its refineries and chemical plants – up to 1 billion bits per minute – into a high-performing computing environment. By applying advanced analytics to this trove of data, ExxonMobil can unlock new ways for its sites to run more efficiently and potentially with fewer emissions.

The project, called the ExxonMobil Manufacturing Support Data Lake, combines the company’s rich history in energy innovation with its deep expertise in advanced computing. It is just one way that ExxonMobil is using digital technologies to create new energy solutions for the world.

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