Energizing Guyana.

At ExxonMobil Guyana we are committed to supporting our workforce and their involvement in their local communities every step of the way – by sharing their values, growing their careers and energizing them. So they may continue to positively impact and drive the future of Guyana, and their local communities, further forward.

Natasha Sawh

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Analyst

I’ve always had a passion for protecting the environment. And that’s why, when I attended the University of Guyana, I realized I wanted to make that passion my lifelong career. There, I was a part of clubs and cleanups dedicated to preserving the beauty of my homeland. Today I continue that work, but being a part of ExxonMobil Guyana allows me to do that on a much bigger scale. Making sure we’re going above and beyond environmental and regulatory requirements not only matters in the workplace, it also has an impact on local communities today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Ryan Hoppie

Socioeconomic Advisor

At ExxonMobil Guyana, I immerse myself in local communities, going door to door to find out how our projects can help people build a better future for themselves. We make it a point to engage with everyone, especially groups that historically haven’t always been included – because we believe everyone should have a voice. Find out how we’re making that difference.

Charlene Jordan

IT Specialist

As a child, my mom often took me to her job at a data center. Back then, she was one of only a handful of Guyanese women in IT, but that never stopped her from doing what she loved. Seeing her work with computers sparked my own passion, inspiring me go into the same field. This job has opened up so many opportunities – opportunities I want every woman to have access to. To me, my work is more than connecting people to the right IT solution; it’s also about empowering the next generation of women to follow their dreams.