Research shows that the most important factor in classroom success isn’t books or facilities or computers – though these certainly play a role.

It’s teachers. That’s something to keep in mind as we observe National Teacher Appreciation Week.

Great teachers are often critical to student achievement. This is particularly the case in the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math.

A passionate, driven teacher can make all the difference between a student diving in to STEM topics at an early age — or walking away before really giving them a chance. When you consider the 21st century economy’s increasing need for workers with math and science backgrounds, it’s obvious that filling the STEM-skills gap depends on teachers.

ExxonMobil supports a host of organizations that work directly with educators to ensure our classroom teachers are well prepared and have what they need to succeed. These range from Teach for America and the UTeach Institute to the National Math + Science College Readiness Program.

Our support, along with that of governments and other corporate leaders, is helping put math and science fluency on the fast track. Why? Because teacher success translates into helping students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and beyond.

“A teacher affects eternity,” wrote the historian Henry Adams, because one “can never tell where [their] influence stops.” Join us this week – and every week – in showing our support and appreciation for those whose influence shapes our world.


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