Last week, ExxonMobil announced our participation in a multi-company agreement to reduce methane emissions within the natural gas industry.

The principles of the agreement are aligned with ExxonMobil’s longstanding commitment to manage methane emissions responsibly across our operations, and commit the companies to:

  • Reducing methane emissions;
  • Advancing strong performance across natural gas value chains;
  • Improving accuracy of methane emissions data;
  • Advocating for sound policies and regulations on methane emissions; and
  • Increasing reporting transparency from the natural gas assets we operate globally

These Guiding Principles for Methane Emissions Reduction Across the Natural Gas Supply Chain lay out a pathway to effectively manage industry methane emissions. We encourage others across the natural gas value chain – from production to the final consumer – to make similar commitments.

In September, ExxonMobil subsidiary XTO Energy, which I lead, announced an expansion of our methane emissions reduction initiative to include a phase-out of high-bleed pneumatic devices, as well as research on new leak detection technologies and facility design improvements for new operations.

In addition, XTO is implementing an enhanced leak detection and repair program across our production and midstream sites, while also evaluating opportunities to upgrade facilities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce methane emissions.

Natural gas will have an increasingly critical role to play in helping meet future energy demand. And with roughly half the greenhouse gas emissions as coal when used for large-scale electricity generation, natural gas can also play a key role in addressing the risks of climate change.

Sara Ortwein is president of XTO Energy.


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