Actually, nothing. That’s because any potential regulatory adjustments won’t alter our stated commitment to reduce methane emissions in our operations and throughout the industry.

Our view on methane regulation remains: We think there should be a cost-effective federal regulatory standard to manage methane emissions for both new and existing source oil and gas facilities.

Any such standard should follow the statutory requirements for rulemaking and clearly fall within the appropriate agency’s authority to do so. We will continue to work constructively with state and federal regulators, industry and NGOs to develop and implement effective methane-emission regulation.

Even if federal methane regulations are modified or eliminated, our methane management program efforts won’t change, and our commitment won’t waver.

Last year, we announced ExxonMobil would enhance voluntary efforts already underway by the corporation to reduce methane emissions – efforts that have led to a net 9 percent emissions reduction since 2016 from ExxonMobil operations.

We followed that by adding our name to an agreement with others in industry to reduce methane emissions within the natural gas sector.

We will continue to manage our environmental footprint responsibly, regardless of regulatory requirements. And we encourage others to do the same.

Sara Ortwein is president of XTO Energy.


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