When Hurricane Harvey battered Texas, ExxonMobil rushed to support affected communities. Our employees worked tirelessly to restore America’s fuel supplies while also helping their neighbors in need.

Such efforts are not exclusive to our U.S.-based sites. After an earthquake and several powerful aftershocks hit Papua New Guinea (PNG) recently, the same spirit of service from Harvey was displayed on the other side of the globe. ExxonMobil rapid response personnel from PNG and around the world quickly mobilized to support local relief efforts and get our PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) operation back running.

Working closely with the government and relief groups, ExxonMobil has provided more than 37 tons of food, 14 tons of water and thousands of tarpaulins, solar lights and medical and housing items, not to mention $1 million in cash to support relief agencies. Longer term, we are helping to reestablish food gardens and rebuild critical infrastructure like roads, clinics and schools.

Our LNG project is not just an important source of revenue for PNG, it is an important source of energy for the Asia-Pacific region. As we help the country recover from this natural disaster, we have also resumed LNG production. So a restart of operations will not only help the country as it recovers from the earthquake, it will also allow PNG’s energy supplies to flow to customers in the region once again.

ExxonMobil is a global company and a global citizen. And if, unfortunately, disaster strikes, we stand with our neighbors to recover and rebuild.


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