During his time overseas, Postrigan served as an Army engineer and Special Forces officer where he led civil and military construction projects and trained local units. There, he learned the importance of communication, teamwork, creative problem solving and safety.

Veterans like Postrigan find those same priorities celebrated when coming to work at ExxonMobil.

“Veterans want to be in a company that appreciates their contributions and rewards people for their hard work. They challenge you here; they want you to grow,” Postrigan said.

Postrigan is also a member of VAST, or Veteran Advocacy and Support Team—an employee resource group that provides mentoring, coaching and networking opportunities to returning veterans and active service members at ExxonMobil.

Andrey Postrigan, currently ExxonMobil Sr. Procurement Associate, on deployment in Iraq during his time with the U.S. Army.

Recently, to promote recruiting efforts, VAST helped the company launch the online military translator tool, which assists veterans in identifying jobs offered by ExxonMobil that align with the technical skills they obtained in the military. Veterans can search for openings across the company ranging from materials coordinator to process engineer by their military rank and title number.

Scott Moser, a project manager currently with ExxonMobil Information Technology and VAST Recruiting Lead, hopes this new initiative will help show veterans that their titles and skills can translate over to a fulfilling career at ExxonMobil. Moser believes that veterans introduce perspective, character, and leadership of unparalleled value to any organization.

“ExxonMobil takes the skills obtained through military service and directs individuals into areas where they can continue to excel and improve on those skills,” said Moser. “Veterans sacrifice years of their lives serving the country. We want to bridge them with the opportunities that they are uniquely prepared for.”

Postrigan said that during his time at ExxonMobil, he’s seen support from not only the company but his coworkers as well.

“From management all the way down, everyone I’ve worked with has viewed my time in the military as an important part of my experience,” he said. “And, my military training has also contributed to the value I hope I can bring to this company.”


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