Having grown up in the heart of America’s technological revolution, Silicon Valley, I’m no stranger to innovation.

Today, we are revolutionizing the drilling and completion operations in this prolific basin, a windblown stretch of land spanning thousands of acres. We’re creating a nimble process, driven by operators and engineers who are leveraging new technologies every day. It’s the combination of talented people employing game-changing processes and experimenting with new tools in sometimes adverse conditions that allowed our team to triple production last year.

And that success is only just the beginning.

We are no longer on the cusp of great change. We are in the middle of it, driving new results and setting up future growth. In my 22 years with the company, I have never before been a part of such a dynamic, game-changing development.

But what, specifically, are we doing? Our engineers are able to change how they’re drilling and completing wells quickly and efficiently, thanks in part to XTO putting the tools to better analyze big data at their fingertips. We are drilling longer laterals, consistently more than two miles in length, and relying on new workflow and completion practices. With all these advantages combined, we can target resources more efficiently from farther away.

All of this is happening in a slice of West Texas where a talented workforce is upending how the world thinks about energy.

And more often than not, it’s the younger generations from across the globe who are driving this venture. They’ll make up the next generation of energy leaders tomorrow and keep inventing the next big step changes in West Texas that will have a big impact on the world.

Editor’s Note: John “Jack” Mohr worked for ExxonMobil for 22 years and was a dedicated, lifelong learner who pushed himself and others to question old ideas in the pursuit of new ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, his friends and the ExxonMobil community. We are lucky to have known Jack.


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