Felipe J. Saldaña is relatively new to ExxonMobil, joining the company just last year. But in that short time, the Ph.D. has jumped into helping develop better ways to detect methane emissions in regions across the world.

For Felipe and his colleagues, the goal is to apply a range of solutions to locations within a vast geographic area that can provide for continuous monitoring of methane from equipment and operations. That objective relies on finding, testing and leveraging the latest technologies in order to pinpoint leaks quickly.

Reducing methane emissions is what's going to have the biggest impact on managing the risk of climate change.

It’s a full-time effort helping the teams on the ground, putting the right tools and technologies in their hands.

Felipe’s work is not done in a silo – he and his ExxonMobil colleagues collaborate with universities, nongovernmental organizations and other operators to find and improve on the next idea. Those findings can help change how the entire industry detects and fixes methane leaks well into the future.

Learn more about our work in reducing methane emissions and how we’re pushing for more methane regulation.



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