Monte Dobson has spent his entire career at ExxonMobil and today leads the company’s ambitious push to cut methane emissions.

With a background in physics and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, Monte oversees a group that assesses the different methods available for methane detection and abatement. Methane is a top priority for ExxonMobil, which continues to research the best solutions.

The work that we're doing in methane is for the benefit of the entire industry and for society overall.

Stretching from West Texas to southeastern New Mexico, the Permian Basin is one of the biggest and most important natural gas deposits in North America. And it is from this area that new methods will roll out across the world.

Ultimately, Monte aims to find solutions that can be scaled beyond ExxonMobil’s operations so that operators of any size can deploy them– possibly changing how the entire natural gas industry supplies the energy the world needs.


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