From creating better vehicle lubricants that help lower emissions to discovering new sources of reliable energy, the work of ExxonMobil engineers is expansive and has the potential to impact countless lives across the globe.

For National Engineers Week, we asked a few of our engineers to tell us what they love about their jobs and why engineering is important for building a better future. See what they had to say below.

Inspiring the next generation

Nicole is exploring next-generation technology to keep engines running smoother for longer. Her work helps meet growing energy needs while lowering emissions.

Launching new energy sources 

Gerard helped launch the Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas (PNG LNG) project. The facility has a production workforce of 2,600 and has the capacity to produce more than 8 million tons of LNG every year.

Always testing

How does ExxonMobil create better vehicle lubricants? Lots and lots of testing. Ashley’s job is to create the devices that put those lubricants to the test, making sure drivers are getting the most out of their vehicles.

Creating lower-carbon energy solutions

Reducing emissions while meeting the growing demand for energy is no easy task. Carla is tackling that dual challenge through her work developing lower-carbon technologies.



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