Back then, my job was focused on blending and formulating engine oils that go into commercial vehicles, and the lubricants that go into your car. It was exactly what I’d hoped to do, because the advancements we made had tangible, direct benefits to society.

Since then, my vision has expanded.

When it comes to helping people, the advancements we make improving a car’s efficiency are crucial in helping solve the dual energy challenge – meeting the growing energy needs of the future while lowering emissions.

And it doesn’t stop there. Meeting the needs of the future is also about advancing researchers themselves. I often look at my young daughter, an aspiring “princess engineer.” While I can’t help her become a princess, I can inspire future engineers like her, who will one day help pick up where I leave off.

As a wife and mother of two, a recruiting team member for National Society of Black Engineers and a Strategy Advisor, I strive to support individuals and teams across the corporation and mentor the next generation of engineers. I see how both are going to continue revolutionizing energy and energizing society in ways we can’t even imagine.


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