Big things moving: From Texas to Russia in 66 days


Imagine you built something the size of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and have to move it from Texas to Italy. How do you do it? Break it down into several pieces and ship it across the world, that’s how!

The newest drilling rig for an ExxonMobil project was assembled in Texas and then split into modules. The modules were then loaded onto three enormous barges – the Ulysses, the Maximus and the Signet Atlas – to be transported all the way to Far East Russia, crossing through the Panama Canal.

The rig parts made their way safely to Sakhalin Island after a two-month journey spanning 10,000 nautical miles to prepare for Sakhalin-1 project drilling operations that are scheduled to begin later this year. When it’s assembled, the rig will stand taller than a 20-story building and be ready to drill for oil and gas resources that are dozens of miles away.

Take a look at some of the journey:

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