Let the gas station come to you, wherever you are


Today our smartphones are becoming our remote control for just about everything. With the touch of an app, we can find a place to sleep on the road, stock our kitchen fridge, and now, even fill up our car – right in our driveway.

Yoshi, an alumni of startup accelerator Y Combinator, will refuel their subscribers’ cars wherever they’re parked. It also provides a host of other services, including oil changes, car washes and wiper blade replacements.

Right now, Yoshi services cars in Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Bay Area and neighboring Silicon Valley. However, a venture investment from ExxonMobil will help finance Yoshi’s expansion to 25 cities.

Across multiple industries, the on-demand business model continues to convince a growing number of consumers. In the U.S., it’s attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending, according to a recent study.

Customer expectations are changing. They expect seamless access to products and services. Rather than play catch-up, ExxonMobil will be involved in shaping this new retail paradigm through its investment in, and ongoing engagement with, Yoshi.

While ExxonMobil seldom invests in early-stage ventures, it’s been developing a number of connected products for a while, including Speedpass+. That app lets drivers pay for gas or a car wash straight from their smartphones.

In the not-too-distant future, servicing your car could take the same amount of energy as ordering a takeout meal.

Photo Credit: Yoshi

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