We have written before about our scientific research collaborations with top-flight institutions of higher learning. In fact, we have teamed up with more than 80 research universities around the globe to help develop breakthrough energy technologies.

A prime example of a successful university partnership has been our affiliation with the University of Texas at Austin. We’ve worked with UT on a number of projects over the years, such as studying atmospheric methane modeling and source attribution.

Today, we announced a $15 million Leadership-level investment from ExxonMobil to formalize that relationship with the Energy Institute at the University of Texas to study and pursue transformational energy innovations.

As University of Texas President Gregory L. Fenves put it, “This investment further unites two of the world’s leading energy organizations to pursue innovations for a better energy future.”

Today’s announcement heralds an “all-of-the-above” approach to pursue a range of emerging energy technology projects – from renewable energy and battery technologies to advanced computing and power-grid modeling … and beyond.

One aspect of this partnership worth highlighting will be our enhanced collaboration with the Gulf Coast Carbon Center, which specializes in geological sequestration of carbon dioxide.

ExxonMobil has been an industry leader in carbon-capture-and-storage technology for more than a decade. Recently we announced a partnership with FuelCell Energy, Inc. to research a novel carbon-capture approach to make it cheaper to prevent greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas-fired power plants from reaching the atmosphere.

ExxonMobil has some of the leading experts in many energy fields working for the company. But as our partnerships with some of the top institutions of higher education show, we recognize there’s always something new to be learned through collaboration.


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