Shareholder engagement on the future of energy and carbon

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Suzanne McCarron - May 07, 2018

Earlier this year we published additional corporate disclosures on the risks climate change might pose to our company, including an analysis of what a 2-degree Celsius scenario might mean for our reserves and resources.

These enhancements can be found in two reports, our 2018 Energy & Carbon Summary and our 2018 Outlook for Energy.  These reports outline how we continue to position our business for a lower-carbon energy future.

After publication, we engaged with shareholders holding over one billion shares to review the reports, to hear their perspective, and to answer any questions they had. We also held a special session to discuss the implications of a lower-carbon energy future as part of our annual meeting with investors and investment analysts in March.

These engagements proved enormously constructive. The response from shareholders has been positive and supportive. We were asked many thoughtful questions, and several common themes and areas of interest emerged.

We welcome continued engagement with all of our shareholders and stakeholders as the company continues to meet the world’s growing demand for energy while meaningfully addressing the risks of climate change.

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