“Rebuilding the homes of employees has been a main focus,” says Byrd Reed, a mechanical craftsman and captain of the company’s volunteer Fire & Rescue Team at the Baytown Refinery. “Our priority is getting back to our way of life prior to Harvey. A lot of fellow employees, as well as the company, are continuing to do all they can to help.”

 This time last year, employees rode out the storm inside a refinery as they worked around the clock to protect operations and ensure safety of their communities. Thinking quickly, they brought supplies to neighbors and helped restore water to the city of Beaumont. They cleared downed trees in Corpus Christi and launched fuel trucks in Houston, loaded with critical energy supplies. Employees in the area even continued their work on higher ground – relocating to dry bedrooms on the second floors of their flooded homes – to keep the nation’s refineries safe and to quickly restore the region’s fuel supply.

Although much has changed, the fortitude and resiliency of the Texas Gulf Coast are as bright as ever. Today, coworkers and friends in Houston, Baytown, and Beaumont continue to appreciate the support they received and work to get back on their feet.

Take a look at our video below to see the outpouring of community strength immediately after Harvey and to meet a few of the many builders restoring the Gulf Coast today.

Photo credit: Todd Spoth


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