Technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Since 2000, ExxonMobil has spent approximately $7 billion on developing energy solutions focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Efforts include reductions in flaring, venting and fugitive emissions and deploying proven technologies like cogeneration and carbon capture and storage where feasible.

Safety first

Over the past decade, ExxonMobil’s total workforce lost-time incident rate has decreased by more than 30 percent. The Odoptu Stage 2 project in Sakhalin, Russia, for example, saw 3.8 million man-hours 
of work in 2015 without
 a recordable or lost-time injury, bringing the total to 7.7 million since site work began on the project in late 2012.

Fighting malaria

To date, antimalarial programs supported by ExxonMobil have reached more than 125 million people, helping to contribute to a global decrease in the number of reported deaths and infections. The effort includes the distribution of almost 14 million bed nets, 3.8 million doses of antimalarial treatments and 2.6 million rapid diagnostic kits. More than 520,000 health workers have received specialized training.

Championing minorities and women in business

ExxonMobil is dedicated to partnering with diversified suppliers and focuses especially on incorporating minority- and women-owned businesses into its operations. For the past four years, the company has set—and reached—a goal of spending $1 billion with these groups in the U.S. The company also met its 2015 goal of spending $1 billion with an expanded list of diverse suppliers.

 Boosting local development

Committed to building economic and workforce capacity everywhere it operates, ExxonMobil seeks to employ local workers. In Chad, for example, 94 percent of ExxonMobil project personnel and 72 percent of supervisory or managerial positions are held by Chadians. Similarly, ExxonMobil’s workforce in Indonesia is 87 percent Indonesian, and local staff comprises 83 percent of supervisory roles.


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