Spearheading that impressive growth are three women: Carla Lacerda, Vânia Carvalho and Tabitha Hensley.

Leading in-country efforts is Carla, President of ExxonMobil Brazil. Born and raised in Brazil, Carla now defines and articulates the strategic vision of this frontier portfolio in collaboration with key Brazilian stakeholders. From securing exploration licenses to forging partnerships with other energy players, Carla has overseen all processes integral to the expanded operations in Brazil.

“Going forward, we’re gearing up for a ton of work in terms of drilling, permitting and getting to that first oil as soon as possible,” said Tabitha, who as a project manager and the technical lead oversees teams looking for new exploration opportunities.

Beyond that new supply, these three women are actively exploring how ExxonMobil’s investment will generate opportunities for people in Brazil.

“I think this will be phenomenal for the country,” says Brazilian native and South American business development manager Vânia. “I would love to see these fields developed as much as possible, so that more jobs and financial resources are available in my country.”

As these developments mature, the three are also supporting recruitment and career development initiatives that close the gender gap in the energy industry.

“There have been many times where I am the only woman in the room,” says Tabitha. “It’s just gotten so common, I’m used to it now. But to have women like Carla and Vânia and others in these important positions, supporting each other along the way, it’s amazing.”

The development in Brazil under this unique team of leaders is on the cusp of creating substantial, long-lasting impact for the country and the world’s energy needs.

Carla Lacerda
Tabitha Henseley
Vânia Carvalho


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