Editor’s Note: As of September 2021 Synthetic Genomics is now operating under the name Viridos, Inc.

ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (SGI) are working toward the technical ability to produce 10,000 barrels of algae biofuels a day by 2025. While this research target is still years away, and it will take well over 10,000 barrels to fuel the world’s transportation needs, ongoing work in the field and lab is bringing researchers closer to scaling up algae biofuels production in a meaningful way.

With continued breakthroughs on the horizon, the hope is that someday, passengers might fly on algae-fueled planes, and packages will be delivered via algae-fueled trucks. Until then, here’s a look at how far 10,000 barrels a day could take passengers by plane from California, the home of the current algae research farm, to major airport hubs across the country.




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