Freshly baked solar panels

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The classic image of solar panels shows rows of deep-blue rectangles glinting in the sunshine, passively absorbing new energy.

What’s overlooked in that passing scene, however, is a harsh reality. Solar panels sometimes must withstand hail, snow, high winds and, of course, high temperatures from the sun – all of which can wear down their effectiveness.

To protect their internal workings – made up of layers of sealed photovoltaic cells that turn sunlight into electricity – solar panels are baked in special resin with a solution developed by ExxonMobil in the 1990s.

That baked resin formulation ultimately helps panels live through a typical 25-year working life expectancy.

That’s the dual life of these panels – a tough exterior facing the elements to protect the sophisticated and delicate heartbeat that is producing much-needed energy.

Find out about this balance in the video above.

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