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ExxonMobil recently published its 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report, a summary of the company’s contributions both to energy innovation and to the communities it serves. Below is a look at some of the major achievements covered in the report.
China’s automobile fleet will grow a whopping 250 percent to more than 400 million vehicles by 2040, according to projections in ExxonMobil’s latest Outlook for Energy. 
The ocean is filled with natural and man-made sounds. Some are generated by the energy industry in the search for oil and natural gas. Safeguarding ocean dwellers depends both upon years of academic research and on careful operations.
Growing production has turned the Permian Basin into one of the country’s most promising shale oil regions.

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Ninja Nate: Engineer on a mission

Things can be a bit more nerve-wracking when you have an audience watching. And in a small village in Nicaragua all eyes were on Nate Burkhalter and his team. They had worked closely with an international team to plan to drill the well. Village anticipation grew as the construction team hauled in the hoses, shovels and pipes that they would use to tap the underground reservoir. As the work progressed, children watched with curiosity, and locals volunteered to help.

Yours very truly, Thomas A. Edison

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