Scientists spend countless hours in labs developing new motor oil formulas and have recently developed a new polymer mixture that increases fuel economy while also providing outstanding engine protection – something previously not thought possible.

For decades, researchers have dedicated themselves to creating a solution that has the attributes of a thicker oil – which helps protect engine components – but is thin enough to keep engines running at peak efficiency. It’s a combination that has up until now remained elusive.

A team of ExxonMobil scientists has been working to find that balance. They’ve developed a formulation involving a new polymer mixture that provides those benefits when working inside an engine.

In the motor oil world, it was an ambitious project that took years to perfect.

“It’s a really challenging and important problem, and that’s why we worked tirelessly on it,” said Smruti Dance, a polymer chemist on the team behind the formula.

“We had a lot of drive and motivation to find a technological solution. You can never say ‘never’ until you exhaust the research possibilities and have a science-based reason to say, ‘This is not going to work.’”

That solution means that drivers can reduce their fuel costs and carbon emission footprints while their engines work better for longer.


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