That fast-paced energy running through those extreme conditions is why ExxonMobil chose the city to test its Mobil 1 motor oils. By partnering with a local taxi company called Lucky Cab, the company has created a research outpost, a “cab lab” that provides its scientists thousands of samples to help advance new oil formulations. It is here where ExxonMobil tests its motor oils to see how they withstand severe conditions and extreme driving.

The temperature in Vegas can swing from an average high of 105 degrees Farenheit during the summer to an average low of 44 degrees in the winter. There’s almost endless stop-and-go driving down the strip, and the hours of idling outside casinos and hotels made Las Vegas the perfect laboratory.

Lucky cab drivers operate in these grueling conditions for 12-hour shifts, passing the same car to another driver for another 12-hour shift. This allows ExxonMobil researchers to analyze and reformulate the oil with real-world data so they can ensure customers’ engines will be better protected from the conditions they see in their daily driving routines.

“Drivers in their daily commute would be hard-pressed to push their engine oils to the limits that are tested here in Las Vegas,” said Daniel Vertucci, a senior engineer heading up ExxonMobil’s Las Vegas initiative.

Las Vegas’ high-energy, non-stop lifestyle in a harsh environment makes it a unique place to visit and the best place to test.


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