Three towering new reactors, clocking in at between 25 and 30 meters (80-100 feet) tall, arrived at ExxonMobil’s Rotterdam, Netherlands, petrochemical facility last year, as part of the site’s state-of-the-art hydrocracker upgrade to meet evolving customer needs.

The reactors are where catalysts work their magic, converting heavy fuel oil into higher-value products like low-sulfur diesel fuel and Group II base stocks for lubricant blending. The upgraded hydrocracker, which is slated for startup by the end of the year, also improves energy efficiency in the facility. Moving the big pieces into place was an awe-inspiring task.

Watch as the reactors are lowered safely and meticulously, an exercise in teamwork and precision where missing the bullseye by even a few centimeters would mean failure.


Oil & Gas Journal: ExxonMobil breaks ground on Rotterdam hydrocracker expansion



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