Racers need quick reactions, advanced equipment and a trusted team in the paddock. Unseen by spectators are the hundreds of moving parts under the hood, each working in symphony to push the limit.

Today’s partnership between ExxonMobil and Red Bull Racing is helping move the needle and push the boundaries. The suite of Mobil 1 lubricants withstands extreme heat, record speeds and amazing pressure to protect the car’s parts from wear and tear. That difference could make or break the engine’s performance in the race.

“We test, enhance and analyze each lubricant to ensure we put out the fastest, most efficient and competitive race car,” said ExxonMobil’s Mark Humphries, who crisscrosses the globe with the Red Bull team during the season. “Fans may watch an F1 race for two hours, but behind the scenes we devote hundreds of hours to maximize performance.”

Ready to feel the rush of the driver’s seat? Jump in our car below to see just how tough Mobil 1 lubricants are and why each millisecond counts on race day.


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