Sam Aminfard is in the right position at the right time.

Having recently obtained his doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, Sam’s expertise helps ExxonMobil prioritize which methane detection technologies are best suited for use in the field – at a time when new solutions are constantly being developed for a challenge that requires immediate attention.

Sam sees the urgency and the opportunity every day.

We know that this is solid science, and there’s a real sense of urgency and responsibility to get it out in the field and start driving down emissions.

For Sam, the tools available range from satellites in the sky to new sensors on the ground. And, while the technology may change with new iterations coming to market, Sam’s mission remains the same: finding out how the industry can provide continuous monitoring of methane in the production and processing of natural gas.

For Sam and his colleagues, it’s about testing new solutions and questioning existing ideas amid a golden age of technology advances – all with an eye on cutting methane emissions.

Learn more about the innovators leading the fight to reduce methane emissions and testing technologies to meet ExxonMobil’s emission goals.



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