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Suzanne McCarron - Jul. 21, 2016

The energy industry is global and complex, and therefore comes with its fair share of challenges. Every day, our business faces a number of substantial risks – financial risks, environmental risks, geopolitical risks, and safety risks, just to name a few.

One of the most important parts of my job is to communicate with various stakeholders about how the company manages these risks.

Since assuming my new role in January, I’ve met with policymakers, NGOs, community and business leaders, and members of the media to discuss the corporation’s current risk management strategy and our plans for the future. In these meetings, I have been confronted with some tough questions regarding ExxonMobil’s key sustainability issues and other challenges we face as a company.

In the spirit of transparency, I have provided my answers to these questions in the recently published 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report.

Among the questions answered:

  • With low oil prices and concerns about stranded assets, does ExxonMobil have plans to diversify its energy mix?
  • What is ExxonMobil doing to address the risks of climate change?
  • How does ExxonMobil manage the risks associated with operating in water-stressed areas?
  • Following the incident at the Torrance refinery, what measure has the company taken to address the potential for similar safety incidents at its other refineries?

You can find these answers, as well as my responses to other important and frequently asked questions, here.

At ExxonMobil, we recognize that the energy business is everyone’s business. The decisions we make and how we choose to respond to different challenges can have broad applications for the communities where we operate and society as a whole.

That’s why we value an open dialogue with all of our stakeholders. You can find more information about ExxonMobil’s comprehensive risk management approach in the full Corporate Citizenship Report and keep informed of current issues by reading updates posted on this blog and the Energy Factor.

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