ExxonMobil worked swiftly to reconfigure manufacturing operations to produce sanitizer for the first time at its Baton Rouge and Port Allen, LA, manufacturing facilities. Within a matter of weeks, the company has produced sanitizer and donated it in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

And more deliveries are planned in the coming weeks. The company will ultimately supply up to 160,000 gallons of sanitizer – enough to fill nearly 5 million 4-ounce bottles.

“Hand sanitizer has been hard to come by lately, so it’s great to get this out to our officers in the field out patrolling, responding to calls and interacting with people in the public,” said Major Dina Romero of the New Mexico State Police.

Coordinating this massive production-and-delivery effort was another opportunity for ExxonMobil to support local communities’ staying safe.

Watch to see how the team got things done – and delivered – together.


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