The electricity we depend on in our daily lives is mostly generated by power plants that produce CO2 emissions when operating. And, while that byproduct is greatly reduced for plants running natural gas – instead of coal – as a fuel, scientists are hoping to curb those emissions even further through carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Carbon capture is essentially what it sounds like – removing low concentrations of CO2 from the exhaust of a power plant before it enters the atmosphere. Current technologies consume more power, which means even more power has to be produced, which means more CO2 has to be captured.

Now, a collaboration between FuelCell Energy and ExxonMobil is creating a new generation of carbon capture technology that, instead of drawing power, creates it. This allows the process to minimize the environmental footprint of the power plant.

We take you inside the world of carbon capture, right to the fuel cells we use to extract the carbon dioxide molecules from the power plant’s exhaust. Once there, you’ll see how we can add power to the facility while reducing CO2 emissions.

Try your hand at this game to see firsthand the science that makes carbon capture possible.



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