Tools of the future for today’s energy workers

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These days, mind-bending new technologies aren’t just revolutionizing Silicon Valley. Inventors are working to get these tools into the hands of technicians at refineries on the Gulf Coast and operators in the Permian Basin.

Emerging technologists like Eric Johnston are exploring these tools, such as augmented reality (AR) and wearable technology, to ultimately make employees safer and more efficient on the job by speeding up access to information. Examples range from smart hard hats that also function as hands-free tablets to futuristic fabrics interwoven with sensors. And it’s happening in ExxonMobil’s digital garage.

Eric Johnston’s work is all part of the garage’s Connected Worker program, which explores future-of-work gadgets and gear to meet the needs of industrial workers.

The program is ushering the digital transformation into refineries and industrial hubs around the world in the hopes that one day, all helmets will be smart helmets.

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