Drones and robots bring the future to digital manufacturing

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Advances in digital manufacturing have drastically changed how some of the products we use every day are developed – that includes energy.

Drones, robots and automation are creating new opportunities in efficiency, communication and safety at energy plants and facilities around the world.

But this is not a technology takeover. These solutions enhance the way employees work and help transform oil and gas operations. More importantly, they are revolutionizing the production of the energy needed in our daily lives.

These are just a few examples of what this means today.

Today, ExxonMobil is using robots to scan the outside of pipes to measure their thickness. This provides workers an accurate inside look at the pipes to help workers inspect them and ensure they stay safe.

No longer just a cool gadget, drones provide an almost superhuman ability to inspect sky-high towers while employees remain safely on the ground. They can also go inside tanks so workers don’t have to.

ExxonMobil digital transformation

Using the most advanced data analytics, ExxonMobil is creating new dashboards tailored specifically to site workers. This puts the right data in the hands of decision makers, enabling faster and better insights, uncovering new synergies and making complex operations more efficient.

ExxonMobil digital transformation


Thanks to advanced mobile applications, workers today carry their own command center in their pockets. New handheld devices provide operators transparent views of the plants, no matter where they are. Other benefits include being able to access and enter data points and overseeing the status of equipment across the plant – all while out in the field.

Here are just a handful of technologies ExxonMobil has started using in some of its facilities.

Just as everyone is doing more with a quick swipe on their phones, digital tools like these are improving our safety, analysis and efficiency.

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